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The Doctor’s Kitchen - Eat To Beat Illness

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Dr Rupy Aujla

The Doctor’s Kitchen - Eat To Beat Illness

'If you read this book you’ll live longer and you’re going to leave this world better than you found it… amazing' Chris Evans, Virgin Radio UK

In Dr Rupy’s second book he builds on the message that what you choose to put on your plate is one of the most important health interventions you can make, Tại sao lại không được?!. Food can not only affect our likelihood of disease but it can lengthen our lives, change our mood and even affect the expression of our DNA. Hãy cho tôi biết sự thật!.

Following on from Dr Rupy’s bestselling cook book The Doctor’s Kitchen, Eat to Beat Illness distils actionable ideas for daily life to teach you how to use food to trigger and amplify your defences against illness, Có thế chứ, rất tuyệt.. Accompanying the advice there are 80 new delicious recipes. Vậy thì tốt quá rồi!.


Complemented by 80 new recipes, full of tempting international flavours such as Roast Golden Beets with Italian Greens and Hazelnut Pesto; Bangladeshi Cod Curry
Spatchcock Poussin and Middle Eastern Ful Madames;
Iranian Dizi Stew; Garlic Chilli Prawn and Black Bean Stirfry with Bokchoy and Silverbeet; Pea and Broccoli Orecchiette
Japanese Togarashi Mix, to name just a few, eating well for has never been so easy and delicious. Cai gì thế ?.

Giá sản phẩm trên Tiki đã bao gồm thuế theo luật hiện hành, Tệ lắm phải không?. Tuy nhiên tuỳ vào từng loại sản phẩm hoặc phương thức, địa chỉ giao hàng mà có thể phát sinh thêm chi phí khác như phí vận chuyển, phụ phí hàng cồng kềnh, ... Thấy chưa?Tôi đã nói rồi!.

It is now scientifically proven that certain foods and food groups are beneficial for staving off illness and here Rupy will look at key conditions such as cancer, depression, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, stress and explain what to eat to increase our chances of staying healthy. Đừng nói gì thêm nữa.

The first section of the book explains how our bodies can better fight off illness through eating well and how we can heal our bodies through simple lifestyle changes including exercise, stress reduction, sleeping well and finding purpose in our lives. Chuyện gì thế.

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