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Pull The Tab Numbers (Pull the Tab)

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Pull The Tab Numbers

Pull the Tab Numbers is perfect for toddlers ready to tackle numbers!

Bring the fun world of numbers to your toddler with this edition of Pull the Tab

Pull the Tab Numbers introduces numbers and simple counting skills to your toddler, Ai mà biết được ?. The clear labels and simple rhyming text brings numbers to life for your child and help them in developing number and counting skills. Đó chỉ là những điều bình thường!.

This new book from the Pull the Tab series will help your toddler easily learning numbers, and is perfect for you to help your child and encourage their early learning, Cám ơn đã đưa tôi về nhà. The pop ups promote sensory skills and the names and labels encourage recognition. Em muốn ăn gì?.

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