• Hình ảnh của Insight: The Power of Self-Awareness in a Self-Deluded World (Paperback)

Insight: The Power of Self-Awareness in a Self-Deluded World (Paperback)

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Dr Tasha Eurich
Nominated as one of the 2019 Thinkers50 Radar groupResearch shows that self-awareness is the meta-skill of the 21st century - the foundation for high performance, smart choices, and lasting relationships, Đừng nói gì thêm nữa. Unfortunately, we are remarkably poor judges of ourselves and how we come across, and it's rare to get candid, objective feedback from colleagues, employees, and even friends and family, Đừng nói gì thêm nữa. We can ALL learn to be more self-aware.Integrating hundreds of studies with her own research and work in the Fortune 500 world, organizational psychologist Dr Tasha Eurich shatters conventional assumptions about what it takes to truly know ourselves - like why introspection isn't a bullet train to insight, how experience is the enemy of self-knowledge, and just how far others will go to avoid telling us the truth about ourselves, Đừng nói gì thêm nữa. Through stories of people who've made dramatic self-awareness gains, she offers surprising secrets, techniques and strategies to help readers do the same - and therefore improve their work performance, career satisfaction, leadership potential, relationships, and more.At a time when self-awareness matters more than ever, Insight is the essential playbook for surviving and thriving in an unaware world.

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