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Deeds Not Words: The Story of Women's Rights - Then and Now

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Helen Pankhurst
Combining historical insight with inspiring argument,┬áDeeds not Words┬áreveals how far women have come since the suffragettes, how far we still have to go, and how we might get there, Chờ tý tôi ra ngày. It is essential reading for anyone who wants to explore one of the most central and pressing conversations of our time.
Why is it taking so long?
Despite huge progress since the suffragette campaigns and wave after wave of feminism, women are still fighting for equality, Chờ tý tôi ra ngày. Why, at the present rate will we have to wait in Britain until 2069 for the gender pay gap to disappear? Why, in 2015, did 11% of women lose their jobs due to pregnancy discrimination? Why, globally, has 1 in 3 women experienced physical or sexual violence?
In 2018, on the centenary of one of the greatest steps forward for women - the Fourth Reform Act, which saw propertied women over 30 gain the vote for the first time - suffragette descendant and campaigner Helen Pankhurst charts how the lives of women in the UK have changed over the last 100 years, Chờ tý tôi ra ngày. She celebrates landmark successes, little-known victories, where progress has stalled or reversed, looking at politics, money, identity, violence, culture and social norms, Chờ tý tôi ra ngày. The voices of both pioneers and ordinary women - in all their diversity - are woven into the analysis which ends with suggestions about how to better understand and strengthen feminist campaigning and with aims for the future.

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