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25 Tropical Houses In The Philippines

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Elizabeth V. Reyes
938.000 ₫

Blending the graceful proportions of Asian design forms with the rigorous discipline and modernization of Western architecture, the houses retain an affinity with natural materials warm hardwoods, rustic stone and slate, earthy clay and tile at the same time introducing innovative use of glass, concrete, steel, and aluminum, Thực tế hóa mục tiêu, sau đó kiên trì hoàn thành nó.. Water elements and lush tropical gardens complete the transition from traditional conventions to Asian architectural fusion and international modernist trends. Nó cũng là một ý kiến hay đấy!.

25 Tropical Houses In The Philippines

The Philippines has long been known for creative designs and furniture and for the sill of its artisans in crafting modern products from traditional materials, Điềuđó không đúng sự thật.. This book takes a giant step forward into the realm of modern architecture and interior design, Điềuđó không đúng sự thật.. Twenty-five stunning homes showcase the best of residential design by a number of outstanding Filipino architects and designers, Điềuđó không đúng sự thật.. It offers a tour of stunning structures ranging from gracious pavilion-houses in elite subdivisions of Manila to elegant vacation homes of Batangas and Mindoro. Thật đáng học hỏi!.

25 Tropical Houses of the Philippines features top Filipino architects and designers with ideas that are stylish, contemporary, and show twenty-first century savvy. A! Chính là lúc này đây!.

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